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Dr Robert Docherty QFSM, PhD, CEng, MEI, FIFSM (Life), FIFireE (Managing Director)

Dr Robert Docherty QFSM, PhD, CEng, MEI, FIFireE, FIFSM (Managing Director) Dr Bob Docherty was a career firefighter for 33 years retiring from Strathclyde Fire Brigade in 2001 as Assistant Firemaster, Director of Fire Safety.


  1. Fire safety and fire safety engineering.
  2. Fire safety risk assessments.
  3. Regulation and litigation issues relating to fire and fire safety.
  4. Interpretation of fire law and regulations.
  5. Negotiation with local authorities and fire services.
  6. Fire investigation.
  7. Fire and fire safety training (practical and management based).
  8. Fire safety, emergency and recovery planning.
  9. Post fire surveys and audits.
  10. Building surveying including passive fire protection measures.
  11. Personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs) for disabled people including management emergency plans and evacuation strategies for disabled people.
  12. Training for PEEPs for professionals.

Flamerisk Safety Solutions Ltd © Company registration number 4219817 (England and Wales), VAT registration number 402395617, registered office 270 Bradshaw Meadows, Bradshaw, Bolton, BL2 4NF, under the Directorship of Dr Bob Docherty QFSM, PhD, CEng, FIFireE, MEI, FIFSM, together with his Associates can provide all the above services and more. If you have a particular fire issue then please contact us through telephone 07941847068 or email at enquiries@flamerisk.co.uk
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